Zach and Katie's Montana Wedding

Traveling to West Glacier, Montana for a destination wedding is any photographers dream. Having the wedding be some of your best friends made it truly magical! The story of the Hinricher's started 11 years ago while they were both goofy high school kids. Their relationship was always a constant through the roller coaster of high school, no matter what they were always together. They have been together so long that I don't even remember Zach or Katie as individual people, I only remember them as singular unit!

We have been teasing Zach for years, asking when he'd finally pop the question and make it official! When he finally asked for her hand it was the moment we had been anticipating for years! Zach and Katie are one of the kindest and goofiest couples that you will ever meet. They are always putting others first and making sure everyone around them is having a good time.

I am so thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of their day in such a major way! Love you guys <3